Health And Safety Courses

Accredited, bespoke Health and Safety courses delivered safely.

Health and Safety Training need not be time-consuming or costly to be valuable.  All of our courses are delivered online through our virtual classrooms.

Introduction to risk assessment online training

Introduction to Risk Assessment

At the end of this course, candidates will have an understanding of what a risk assessment is and how to complete one. To achieve this the course will define important terms, provide some basic background information to explain how important risk assessments are and discuss some of the legislation that applies. It will then go on to provide practical advice on how to identify hazards and analyse risk before finishing off by explaining the responsibilities of both employers and employees with regards to risk assessment.

Cost £45 | Approved by IIRSM | Duration 90 mins

Noise Assessment online training

Asbestos Awareness

This course will show you how dangerous noise can be in the workplace, and the main safety issues you should be aware of. It will take you through some of the simple science, the main laws that apply and introduce you to noise level limits. It also covers some of the specific health risks and how to avoid them by producing risk assessments, action plans and through the provision of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

Cost £45 | Approved by IIRSM | Duration 55 mins