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LinkedIn Masterclass 2021

7-Week LinkedIn Training by one of the most sought after LinkedIn trainers.

Recommendations from my LinkedIn profile

Vic has an excellent teaching and coaching style which puts you at ease from the moment you start interacting with him. His training materials and people skills are very engaging and make any session seem to fly by. Vic is very clear with the information given and it is put across in a very friendly style, easy to follow and at a pace that allows you do to real-time work and make changes to the materials, you’re working with, such that you know you have it right when you finish.

Richard Heath

We have been fortunate enough to engage Vic on several occasions as a trainer for our team. Initially, we received his LinkedIn training which the team found invaluable as Linked In is an absolutely crucial part of our everyday business. We have also received training from Vic on objection handling and sales techniques and the beauty of working with Vic is you always get so much value from his sessions! His positive approach, knowledge and boundless energy makes him incredibly engaging as a presenter.

Emma Warren

Vic Williams is an excellent writer and presenter and has successfully delivered our tutor-led leadership & management programme both in the classroom and on-line. He has also delivered our sales, marketing and LinkedIn workshops. He is very easy to work with and a constant professional.

Kathy Romback

In this 7-week online course, I will show you…

… Exactly how I have grown my connections and followers by over 225%!  I will show you how to grow your engagement through my very simple, but effective 6 step Kaizen LinkedIn Roadmap.

… How you can develop a highly targeted and engaged network of prospective clients how you can build a profile which attracts attention and generates leads for your business.

Vic Williams LinkedIn Training

We are all aware of the impact this pandemic has had on almost every business!

And for most, it has not been a fun ride.  

It has, however, seen a massive increase in the use of platforms like LinkedIn as small and medium-sized businesses look for alternative methods of reaching their target markets.

And I have seen the methods I have used since I discovered the incredible value which exists in the platform stay the course.

There are 7 modules to this course…

We will cover

Module 1

  • The current state of LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn for Business
  • Kaizen – The subtle art of small, incremental improvements
  • Social Selling – How it actually works
LinkedIn Logo
Profile Image Top card

Module 2

  • The 6 must-haves to create an eye-catching and engaging profile, which is the foundation for your success on LinkedIn.
  • The step-by-step guide to the settings you should adjust, change or turn-off.
  • The most important real-estate on LinkedIn and how to maximise it to your advantage.

Module 3

  • A step-by-step guide to building authority and influence through value-driven content.
  • Using LinkedIn as your content marketing platform.
  • When to release content by understanding the analytics build into LinkedIn and the best external platform to use for maximum effectiveness.
  • What the best type of content is which gets the best engagement and in what proportions to use the content opinions available.
LinkedIn Featured Section
LinkedIn Followers

Module 4

  • Finding and developing your relevant, highly targeted and engaged connections and the milestone I recommend you reach for.
  • It is important that you develop both connections and follower, but WHY?
  • Connecting with decision-makers, connectors and referrers will make all the difference to your success.
  • The art of using personal messages effectively to create engagement and to develop conversations offline.

Module 5

  • Creating engaging content that draws discussion and converts to leads.  This is the rocket fuel that positions you.
  • Engaging with your prospects content in a non-spammy or salesy way that gets them engaged.
  • Asking for and getting introductions and creating compelling calls to actions.
  • Sales Navigator – What is it, do you need it or will the free platform do you just fine?
  • Measuring and monitoring your progress and your prospects. You will find out what the relevant metric are and why they are relevant. (HEADS UP: views except on video are a vanity metric)
  • Working with rather than against the algorithm so that you increase your visibility and relevance.
Never use Automation on LinkedIn

Module 6

  • We will talk about the 8 mistakes so many LinkedIn users make. When you know these mistakes and you see others making them, you will understand why they are mistakes.
    • Content not to post EVER
    • Privacy settings
    • Selling to soon
    • Overposting
    • Spamming groups and your connections
    • Sending generic messages
    • Self-promotion
    • Using automation

Module 7

  • The Kaizen LinkedIn RoadMAP
Kaizen LinkedIn

This course is packed full of the latest, most up-to-date information, ideas, tips and techniques to power your lead generation in 2021.

Meet your instructor

My name is Vic Williams.  I am an award-winning international business consultant focused on change leadership and a trainer mainly focused in the areas of leadership, management, sales and LinkedIn.

As a consultant, over 80% of my clients are large corporates, while as a trainer, over 60% are SME’s.  In the week preceding lockdown 1.0 in the UK, recognising the massive need that would exist, I established the Empowerment Group in the South West of England to support people working from home.  This group ran clear through to the end of 2020 and is ongoing monthly into 2021.

I have been using LinkedIn for years as my exclusive marketing tool for my training and consultancy business.  It works, but will you work it?

The techniques, tips and tools I will share with you in this course are not something which has been worked in the past 6 months. 

They have all proven, over time, through economic down-turns and this current pandemic, to work reliably and consistently.

Vic Williams LinkedIn

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Who should attend this 7-week online course?

The course is focused on professionals who are determined to grow their business despite the pandemic and an economic downturn.  So if you are a lawyer, accountant, coach, consultant, trainer, SME business owner or are self-employed in any other way, this course is for you.

How does it work?

Every week, for the 7-weeks of the course, you will receive in your inbox an email containing the links to videos and downloadable material.  The videos are designed to walk you through the module content and while the downloads support what you are learning and are implementing.

You will also have access to the private LinkedIn group, where you can ask questions, engage with fellow course participants and grow your knowledge from other people’s experiences.

During the course, you will also receive bonus material, helpful ideas on using complementary programs which will make your content creation and lead generation easier. 

So click on the link below and get registered today!

What does it cost?

One-off payment of £450.  That is a saving of £200 from our normal price for this course and you will receive the added bonus of my latest e-book, ‘Influence & Impact Your Market Through The Power Of LinkedIn and Social Selling’ FREE.

One payment £450.00 + your bonus.

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